How does this work? How can I get started?

All you need to do to get started is send me an email! We can discuss your ideas as well as your time frame. If you've seen some other covers you like the style of, send them along in your email too. Here are some ideas of what to send in the email:

- Title & series title (if you have one).

- Genre.

- Blurb (if you have it) or the gist of the story.

- What elements you'd like featured.

- What colors you'd like incorporated.

- What overall 'feel' you'd like to capture.


How much do custom covers cost?

E-book package: starting from $120AUD

Paperback package: starting from $150AUD

New Release Graphics Bundle: starting from $200AUD

Paperback package + New Release Graphics Bundle: starting from $350AUD


Where do you get your images from?

I use a number of stock sites including but not limited to:

- Depositphotos

- Adobe Stock

- iStock

- Shutterstock

- Neo-Stock


How long will it take to finish my design?

I can usually finish a design in three days. The turnaround time also depends on how long you take to provide me with feedback.

How can I contact you?


How can I see the latest pre-made designs?


I have a Facebook group where you can see the latest designs, enter in exclusive competitions and giveaways, and get first dibs on new pre-made covers.

What is your availability like?


I'm currently not accepting new clients at this time.

How do you handle payment?


All payments are completed through PayPal.

Have any other questions? Make sure you get in touch!

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